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Hey! Thank you so much 4 looking at mi page. I truly appreciate it. ^^

Current Residence: Canada
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Orchestral, J-Rock
Favourite cartoon character: Abel Nightroad
Personal Quote: "Guard your heart more than anything else, for the source of your life flows from it."
  • Mood: Tired
  • Listening to: Sound the Bugle \\ Bryan Adams
I am writing this journal for myself, to realize just what I've discovered and learned over the past couple years personally. If you can take something from this, then I welcome you to read, and ponder about your own being.

A couple years ago, someone sent me a note here on dA. They asked if I might draw comics about his stories. As stoked as I was, I just could never find the inspiration and passion to get into it. But from this person; he gave to me the beginnings of a second life. He introduced me to an upcoming game at the time: Guild Wars 2. Mmorpg's were something i never thought i'd get into. So much content, and as someone who plays solo, on consoles, and doesn't converse with other people online, due to how I was raised - internet is scary place, people are monsters, which is true BUT, it can also be the total opposite - I didn't think I'd get much more out of it than artistic inspiration. I played it for a while. A friend showed me how everything worked, and was so very patient with me as i learned. I thank him dearly for that. In turn, I learned a whole new language it seemed, in terms of gaming. It opened my mind. As he tired of the game and moved on to another, I started to wane, because I had no one to play with anymore. 

One day, as I was farming in Southsun Cove, on the verge of quitting entirely because there was nothing left to do but grind for a legendary, i spotted someone near the node I was aiming for. And as the good citizen that I was in that game, I fired a barrage of arrows over top of him to kill the enemies attacking him (not that he really needed it too much cuz he was a zerker warrior, but i did it nonetheless). As we finished off the node, we both stopped. It was one of those "fate" moments. 

The was a time, about 3-4 months before, where I was in Caledon Forest, waiting for the Jungle Wurm boss to spawn, when i saw someone shout and LFG for 1 more in Twilight Arbor explorable. That was my dungeon. I grinded it all the time. And LFG's were few and far between then, especially for that place cuz it's a pain in the butt! But still fun. So i joined that group. All but one of them were under-geared, and under-leveled....and then someone started the instance on story mode >.< . I asked why story? I thought this was exp. One replied that it was an accident, but a couple of them still needed it. So instead of ditching them, i stayed to help. It took over an hour....they were SO terrible!! I pretty much soloed that dungeon, while trying to keep the warrior alive with my springs and my pet bears going to rez him as he fell. After that painful run, the WAR said he'd friend me and do a proper run with me the next day, cuz he owed me one, but he had to go. So i said sure whatever, not rly caring. He stayed on my followers list. I never friended him back, until that day we found each other again...

I had noticed his armor, and asked him where it came from . He replied: Crucible of Eternity, the dungeon I had been trying to get into for quite some time. But no one ever did it, cuz it is the second hardest dungeon in the game. I could never get a full party together for it. He said he'd take me with him and his friends. So we went. Now, there's a certain way to dodge the attacks from an enemy in that dungeon that appears often. Do it wrong and ur dead. They couldn't ecplain it properly through text, so they asked me to join them in TS. I says, wuts that? They tell me it's a voice chat program, Teamspeak. I was a little wary of doing so, talking to complete strangers. I had never done anything like that. But I did..and they patiently waited for me to download and install it. They were so nice ^^ And when I finally got into their server..they be like "Hey man, sup?" and all guyish XD and this was me:
".....    ....  .   .  hi..." in a small, nervous voice.
It went quiet.

"Dude! It's a CHICK!"
Aw man, and the ice broke for me. It shattered. That feeling was the best. The sheer shock of the fact that they thought i was a dude because I was such a good player, it was so rewarding. And the fact that i was good at ranger, a class at the time everyone hated to bring along, because no one knew how to play it well and properly, made it all the more better.
A new person was born inside me, and my name became Trist.
I made a brother.
And we made a family.
We made a community.
We lost some...
We fought for each other.
We gained some!
We supported one another.
And we began a new game together, FF XIV.
And we continue to grow.

My world, my eyes, and my heart, they opened to so much, so many different kinds of people and new things.
I have a second life.
I have a second family.
And so much love for them.



Trist ANGRY by emerald-eyez333
i forgot his taaaaail! woe is me ;.; oh well, if i decide to color it, i guess i'll add it in, if i'm not too lazy 

There's these quests in this game where you befriend the beast tribes of Eorzea. You become a trusted ally to all, then pick up a new quest. One where THIS GUY starts kidnapping them. Man was I getting angry. This is my anger as a player, and I wanted so bad to beat the living daylights outta him at the end. I have a RP story going where Tristam is raised by these tribes and they are like family to him, hence the raging text. This guy (no idea what his name is, and if you know, please leave it in the comments thx ^^) wields a black blade, with which he is very skilled. Trist uses a bow, so the combat would be very difficult for him at close range. I'd imagine it would be quite a scuffle, so I put cuts on Trist's left arm & hand, as if he purposely blocked the blade with his flesh like a shield just to land a blow, make him stagger, tumble away, and fire an arrow into the man's sword arm. rendering it useless. His rage would be so great that he felt no pain in his actions. 
Yes, there's lotsa proportion mistakes, but i don't care! Cuz i love the feeling i got out of this piece.

Characters from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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